H&K Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal, not to be confused with Solar PV, allows you to heat your hot water using the free power of the sun.

What it will do is:

Give up to 60% of your annual Hot Water even in the UK
Lower your energy bills

Enable payments form the Government via the Domestic RHI for seven years
Pay for itself over seven years after that you are in Profit!

Increase the value of your property
Give you that warm fuzzy feeling that you’re doing your bit for the environment

However a Solar Thermal system cannot heat your home and it doesn’t work at night.

Solar Thermal Systems

Although there are many types of system design, there are two common types that are currently installed. Drain back and Pressurized with Pressurized being the favoured type with most installers.  Within that there are two ways to ‘capture’ the heat, flat panel collectors and evacuated tube collectors.

You shouldn’t worry if you haven’t got a South facing roof either, the only place that collectors cannot be positioned is on a North facing roof.  Collectors also have the flexibility to be placed ‘on roof’, ‘in roof’ or even on a flat roof.  Taking all of this together we will work together with you to find the best solution within your budget.

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So how much does this all cost?  Depending on all of the above a  system could be around 4000 for a typical three bedroomed house with four occupants. Remember with RHI payments and the savings in fuel the typical pay back period is seven years.

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